15 September 2022

Not all things are equal when it comes to the world of learning management systems, so we at Censeo would like to share our thoughts over the coming months on various issues within that space and provide you with our ideas on what best practice looks like for us, and indeed for you.

Before we get down to such matters however, you’d probably like to know who we are and why we think we know a thing or two about learning management systems. And if you don’t, well please indulge us, as we can only promise good things to come as this blog develops!

Also some ground rules before we kick off. We’re going to limit the amount of acronyms we use, we won’t get rid of them entirely but we will endeavour to write in a way that you can actually follow. Where we have created something new, and we do at times incubate new approaches which take hold across industries, in which case we’ll likely be dedicating a blog or two to explain such innovations. If you don’t like something, disagree or want to reinforce anything that we’ve put our mind to then feel free to inject your own take on whatever it is we’re bantering about at the time!

Firstly, who are we? Well, Censeo is an experienced global company offering education and training solutions to local, national and international organisations. Censeo as a word might appear a bit strange to you. Bizarrely enough in this abundant world of acronyms, Censeo is not one of those. Honestly, it really isn’t. It is actually a Latin verb meaning to ‘recommend; assess; determine’. Please feel free to look it up if you don’t believe us.

Secondly, what do we know about learning management systems, or LMS for short? Our origins actually evolved from developing robust certification and quality assurance systems for sport and major events of all things. However, as much as we love sport (and trust us, we really love sport as you will see from some of our upcoming mini case studies), we now offer an impressive portfolio of skills and infrastructure to deliver on the most complex challenges faced by organisations, in multistakeholder environments and companies alike regardless of the industry.

As a company we are passionate about education and we have always been equally passionate about providing digital solutions in order to facilitate learning. And that was way before COVID-19 forced everyone else onto the digital LMS highway! Call us pioneers if you like! Oh go on, you know you want to!

So, that’s a little bit about us. We just wanted to give you a short kick off to this blog before we get cosy on the couch with you.

Welcome to our Blog: Introducing Censeo Learning Management Systems

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Censeo Learning Systems

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Unit 10, 3 Bromham Place



Victoria, Australia

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iLife Centre

Route Suisse 8A

1163 Etoy


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Stanlo House

52 Granby Row


M1 7AY


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Our infrastructure is diverse and we like to be inclusive so there’s very few things that we shy away from. If there’s learning at its core we’re will to give it a go with you so get in contact to have a chat about your wildest or even simplest of needs.


Mass Engagement

Teaching through real case studies; the approach made famous by Harvard. We respect that and have full time case writers to really dig into a topic to find the nuggets of gold which take learning to new found realities customised specifically to your needs.

There’s very few better ways to learn than having an experience. We’re also experts in maximising learning opportunities whilst out and about, not just leaving people to their own devises whilst on site. From courtier groups of a handful of people right through to complex observation programmes with thousands of participants and hundreds of sessions to see learn from behind-the-scenes we’ve done and seen it all! Ask us how we can maximise your next site visit or study tour.

We’re just as excited as you are about the ease of video production and distribution nowadays. Why, because its such a great learning tool! We can produce everything from short promos right through to mini-documentaries and its all to support learning throughout your company. As much as we call them educational videos we think we should take a bit of shot at the next Oscars with some of them!!

People sometimes shudder when they think of mixing academia with industry learning. We certainly don’t and have partnered with some of the biggest and best universities around the world along with the most nimble and industry aligned to develop various academic programmes where required.

Quite often our partners and clients need to be more outwardly focussed rather than developing learning for their internal purposes. This is where things get really large scale and you guessed it, we’re all for that as well! We call this [‘Get Into…’ Mass Engagement] programmes. This could be anything from implementing global sport programmes through to skills development of broad communities so let your imagination run wild and we’ll be keen to bring your vision to life with you.

Our accreditation and certification processes are distinct but both approaches are backed by robust quality assurance standards. We know that just teaching people often isn’t enough and hence we’re experts in designing, implementing, operating and advising on global certification and accreditation standards. It might be we implement, partner or support the establishment of these standards in various organisations or companies in alignment with national training frameworks where appropriate.

Big, small, complex or simple, we are able to examine your context and identify innovative ways to align your strategic business drivers with your operational imperatives. Our consultancy looks to identify ways to activate new revenues or maximise existing revenues through engaging with people.

Our approach to Learning Pathways (LPs) takes this to a whole new level. From designing simple LPs through to certification pathways and the most complex cross functional and multistakeholder project LPs our approach knows no bounds. We consider everyone from front line workers right through to the c suite where everyone benefits from this integrated approach

We all know what online learning (or e-learning) is. We can take this as far as you need all the way from getting on with it yourself with our DIY drag & drop course builder in our platform right through to our expansive consultancy and advice in the area or outsourcing the whole lot to us!

Train the Trainer is well documented and applied across companies and organisations. We ensure your business policies and certification processes are fit for global roll out of this area. As the name suggests we ensure your teams are developed not just trained.

Not just for executives, this approach identifies your business issues and facilitates a learning process to explore creative ways of addressing such issues. A strong focus on design and development highlight the best learning tools to implement which may range from group work, individual reflection, scenario planning, case materials and many other options.

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